Digital nomads: They work remotely and travel the world. Sometimes, they even fall in love…

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Georgia “Gigi” Rand has worked hard to become the beautiful, confident social media expert she is. When she gets the chance to speak at a conference for digital nomads in Florence, she grabs it with both hands – until she learns she’ll have to hold her presentation with the man who not only broke her heart in high school, but ripped it out and stomped on it for good measure.

At first, heartthrob and branding consultant Nate West is intrigued by the woman he gets partnered up with for the conference talk. That is, until he remembers her and what happened between them fifteen years ago. He vows to make it up to her and give her the apology she deserves – but can she forgive him in time for the two of them to deliver a presentation that will knock the socks off the digital nomad community and future potential customers? 

If you like it short and steamy-sweet, this is the summer read for you. Click here and download on Amazon.


* not 50 Shades of Grey level, but at least Nora Roberts level steamy (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

The Granting of Wishes – Christmas Short Story Collection

Can impossible wishes ever be granted?

Find out in this Christmas Collection of three inspirational, heartwarming and magical short stories, for download on Amazon and other retailers.

Keep your tissues handy!

The Granting of Wishes

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Christmas is, above any other time in the year, a time of wishes.

Of sending them out into the world.

Of making lists of them.

Of granting them.

We wish for the possible, but more often we wish for the impossible, because Christmas is that magical time when it seems as if wishes might truly be granted – even to those who no longer believe in Santa Clause.

The three short stories in this book explore what it can be like to have your impossible wishes granted – or to be the one granting an impossible wish.

There’s Cory, whose most fervent wish is snow at Christmas – in the midst of summer in South Africa.

There’s Charlotte, who wishes she didn’t have to spend Christmas alone this year.

And there’s Merry, who wishes for a dollhouse for Christmas; Karen, her mother, who wishes she could afford winter tires, let alone a dollhouse for her daughter; and George, a stranger, who wishes he could right the wrong he did to his son many years ago.

Impossible wishes, one and all – or maybe not?


These stories have been published on my old blog in previous years (so you may have read them before, if you were one of my 5 readers on that blog 😉 ), but now I’ve compiled them into one ebook collection for easy reading.

Download The Granting of Wishes here for

I hope you enjoy the stories and that they add to your Christmas spirit.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!


Once Upon A Nightmare

A Novella of the Nightmare City series

Once Upon A Nightmare (A Nightmare City Novella)

Last night, Elysia Rey was a dream. Today she’s alive, flung into a world where phones are smart and magic is called electricity. 

A world in which her kind has no right to live and is hunted by monsters and humans alike. 

But Elysia Rey wasn’t created to roll up and die. She has one purpose: protect her dreamer. 

No bulletproof chimera or vengeful shade hunter will keep her from fulfilling that purpose. 

This is the prequel novella to the series (35k words). You can find it as an ebook at the following distributors:

Keep an eye out for book 1, Nightmare City. Scheduled for March 2019. Read the first 5 chapters here!